Been Awhile...What's My Problem?

Thought I would experiment with posting from my Nexus 7. So far no good. The Android app has crashed twice. Not something I am going to accept since I had to give my Nexus and iPhone exorcisms yesterday. I am mainly using this post as a test to see how well Blogger works with, or against, Google+.

It is getting cold and tornadic in Indiana so I anticipate spending more time sitting behind a monitor teaching myself interesting things. This probably will not be as true as it has been in the past. I spent some time on an ATV and some time fixing ATVs this summer.  This caused me to clean out my garage and buy a motorcycle. The plan is to reassemble two ATVs and a motocross bike before spring. Shouldn't take more than a few weekends, but it will anyway.

In the midst of that, I am recommitting to become proficient with Emacs. I want to use Org mode and feel like I should have a good handle on the basics of Emacs first .

Enough ramblings for now. I'll take some pictures of my projects in the near future.


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