2015 Goals

As we enter February, I am prepared to publish some of my goals for 2015.

Get job as a coder. 

This is the big one for 2015 and the only thing I am going to go over in this post.  I have other goals focused on other hobbies, but I will save that for some other time (already prioritizing).

I am focusing on developing demonstrable skills in this area so I can get a job as a developer.  You might notice that I am going to blog quite heavily about this this year. This trek began about halfway through 2014 when I was not enjoying what I was working on at my job and started spending a portion of my time outside of work using Treehouse.  My interest in code goes back to my early years as I discussed in my previous post.

Being a project manager by day, I gave someone with the same goal some advice on how to approach  a career change.  I told him to create a plan.  In the spirit of taking my own advice, here are some of the milestones I have set for this project plan.

In no particular order:

  • Reskin this site. This will help develop my HTML and CSS skills.
  • Complete my main site. See above plus javascript since I plan on using some jQuery.  This will also be the hub for contacting me.  There will be links to my Github, this blog and other projects I plan on working on.
  • Write a guitar fret board note guessing program in Python.
    • Write it for the command line first.
    • Create a version for the web with Flask and/or Django.
  • Go to all the Indypy meetups.  I attended my first one in January and had a good time.  I am looking forward to going back.
  • Go to a Pythology.  This is a weekend topic based get together.  They had one on testing in January.  I didn't feel like I was ready for that yet, but I assume there will be more on other topics.
  • Create site for my friend Bryan's business. He has a Yahoo Site Builder Site right now.  Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to wrestle his domain name from them.  He also hasn't sat down to talk about what he needs the site to do.  Should be a good learning experience once we get started.  This should further my front-end skills.
  • Create a Node.js app.  I have been trying to focus on some languages.  It basically boiled down to Javascript and Python for web use.  This should help with that.
  • Learn how to use Bash to automate my work. My Bash skills are week and I think learning and using them more will help me work more efficiently.  I learned how to create and apply a patch last weekend and my mind was blown.  That's where I am at with Bash.  Lame!
  • Contibute a patch to an open source project.  Based on the experience above.  I need to find a project and start submitting patches, even if they do get panned.  I will learn from this, I think.
  • Learn how to use the intermediate to advanced features of a text editor. I can copy, paste, and find.  That is about it.  I think I am leaving time on the table because I don't utilize the tools well.
  • Contribute weekly to my git repos. So far so good with this on.  I am using Github almost daily.  Later I will work in the the note guessing game and push my improvements to the repo. Practice makes perfect.
  • Create a website to help others learn the command line - make it a story/game. This idea was derived from my experiences as of late.  I want to help others learn for free what I have paid to learn.  Most of what I have learned can be learned from free resources.  I want to stich these together, improve on them, and make it fun.
Well, I am sure some of these will change, but constant, unrelenting forward movement will get me where I want to go.  Next, I'll continue my comments about Treehouse and FreeCodeCamp.


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