Hello World...Again

I'm back! And this time it is for good!

That sounds like an 80's movie line. Haha!

Recently, I have started to devote a lot more time to coding and learning to code and I am going to share these adventures here.

So, what have I been up to?

Well, there is Udacity. I only have one project left to complete my Full Stack Nanodegree. If you are a pro with Python mod_wsgi deployment on AWS, I would love to talk to you. I'll likely write more about my experience in future posts.

codenewbie.org Python Thursday's. I gave a demo of Python on the Raspberry Pi for #marchisformaker. I attend when I can. I have struggled making time so far this summer. It is a great group and I would encourage you to attend or watch after the fact if you are a Pythonista.

PyData Indy. I have been attending the monthly meet ups and will be presenting a talk in August about using pandas and StatsModels to manipulate data and run regression analysis on large data sets.

Free Code Camp! This is one of the biggest catalysts for my resurgence in coding and blogging. I am the campsite leader for the Bloomington, Indiana campsite. The campsite seemed to be pretty dead and I struggled to get up the courage to put myself out there as its leader. We had our first meeting in July and I am so happy I did it. I am looking forward to this month's meeting.

Also, I attended my first Free Code Camp Indy meetup tonight.  The topic was blogging; hence, this post.


I got a few and the first one starts with you.  First, I am going to blog weekly. There is plenty to talk about and I think I can be helpful. Second, I am going to post three times a week to the Bloomington FCC group. I hope this will help keep people inspired to work on their projects and seek help from others.

I have some more goal around getting a job as a dev and contributing to open source. I will discuss these in future posts.

Until next time, keep on coding!


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