Lately, I have been very inspired to learn new things and revisit some stuff I haven't worked with in a while. At the same time I have a laundry list of things I am working on.

Oddly, I am really pumped to be working on some Javascript. I was exposed to jQuery years ago and never really learned how to use raw Javascript to manipulate the look of web pages. I learned the basics of Javascript like variables, objects, functions, and flow control.  Never used it for much.

I have some time off over the holidays and I am going to work on as much as I can during that time. Here is partial list of what I am working on:

  • - My portfolio site.
  • - I am working on an LLC for future consulting work.
  • - This is a Wordpress site I am working on for trade.
  • Reaction Time Game - This is a game that I started as part of my work on this Udemy course.
  • Time Series Forecasting - This is a talk for PyData Indy.
  • - This is a site for posting and voting for Python resources. Mainly an exercise in teach myself functional and unit testing and TDD.
  • Free Code Camp - My goal is to get my front-end certificate by June.

I am sure I am forgetting something and there will be prioritization, but for the first time in the two years since I started trying to learn to code I have tons of projects I am really excited about completing. Til next time, code daily my friends.

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