Job Interview and #100DaysOfCode Progress

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Greeting! I am trucking right along on my #100DaysOfCode adventure. I am 79 days in and I have only missed a half dozen days due to being busy or exhausted. I started on some Free Code Camp front-end projects. I really enjoyed those, but I needed to fill a back-end hole in my soul so I completed a couple of the back-end challenges in both Javascript using Node/Express and Python using Flask. You can find those on my GitHub here, here, here, and here.

Then, I attended PyTennessee and remembered why I started down the path I am on to begin with, beautiful code and an amazing community. Two days of some really great people sharing their knowledge about a technology that really speaks to me. So I was off to the races concentrating on Python. I started with Flask, but moved to Django after I realized the power of the framework. I still love Flask for small, quick, and dirty apps, but Django has most of what I need for larger apps already.

Finally, I recently started applying for jobs and had my first developer interview. It was nerve racking since I have never been through a technical interview before. I got to tell my odd story about being interested in software development for a long time, but not feeling like I could do it then deciding I could do it after I was 40. The interview was a panel interview where I was quizzed on HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, SQL, Django, and some security topics. I think I did OK. I still haven't heard back about how successful I was. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Til next time.


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